Wednesday, 11 June 2008

背IS note = =

Air and living things total 87 points

1) List the mixture of air, define and state the testing method. (13M)

2) Compare breathed air and unbreathed air. (4M)

3) State fire triangle. (4M)

4) How to test the energy inside food (2M)

5) State how plants make food and the types of food, way to test it. (10M)

6) What can absorb carbon dioxide (2M)

7) State Respiration and breathing. (14M)

8) State process and breathing.(15M)

9) State the balancing of oxygen and carbon dioxide. (4M)

10) State the greenhouse effect. (4M)

11) State THREE air pollutants, where they come from and how can they be harmful. (9M)

12) State THREE things in smoking and their harming effect. (6M)

Electricity 73 points

1) State “electricity source”. (3M)

2) State circuit and two types of them. (5M)

3) State conditions that let the circuit work. (3M)

4) State Ampere, Voltage and Ohm and how to measure it. (13M)

5) Give example for material having high and low resistance. (2M)

6) State short circuit and heating effect. (8M)

7) State Resistor and Rheostat. (3M)

8) Give TWO examples for using Rheostat. (2M)

9) Give NINE symbols for circuit diagram symbol you have learnt. (switch on & off) (9M)

10) Compare parallel and series circuit. (7M)

11) Compare fuse and circuit breaker (10M)

12) State ring circuit (5M)

13) Explain how earthing can prevent electric shock. (3M)

Force 41 points

1) State effects of force (3M)

2) State the instrument to measure force (M)

3) State friction. (8M)

4) State FOUR ways to reduce force. (4M)

5) Give two examples that force is useful or not useful. (4M)

6) State universal gravitation and relation between mass and weight. (8M)

7) State relations between action and reaction. (3M)

8) Which liquid fuel will be used for rocket and why (4M)

9) Give FOUR examples for functions of spacesuit. (4M)

10) How can the spaceship reduce heat when backing from the atmosphere (2M)

Acids and alkalis 78 points

1) State the how acids and alkalis taste. (2M)

2) Give FIVE examples for acids and alkalis commonly use in lab. (5M)

3) State three ways to test thing acidic/ alkaline, test acidity/ alkalinity, briefly explain.(16M)

4) Give TWO examples for acids or alkalis in body (2M)

5) State test for hydrogen. (2M)

6) State corrosive effect against metals and marbles, give examples. (10M)

7) Explain why rain water is usually acidic and when will it be acid rain. (5M)

8) How can we reduce the acidity of acid rain (5M)

9) Explain how acid can preserve food and give example. (2M)

10) Give THREE examples that they used for cleanser and what are used. (6M)

11) State neutralization, give three examples and five use of it. (4+6+10M)

12) State method that dilute them. (3M)

Sensory 49 points

1) State 16 parts (outside, inside and cells) of eye, state them in deatail. (39M)

2) State three reasons for short/long sight, effect of it and how to correct them. (10M)

Total 328 points = =

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