Thursday, 1 January 2009


(BGM: Help me! ERINNNNNN慘叫ing) 溫到忘我狀態 打osu!都打到傻左 一定要追到yanki! (唔好誤會...XDDDDD仲差7億又2千萬分) 八國聯軍會係5/1 8:30殺到 仲差80小時 大家要努力~ 唔可以俾中、英、數、中西史、EPA、Geog+bio理化打倒ge! 我地唔要做義和團! 唔要做光緒! 抬起頭來go ahead and be the best, 3A3B is the best! review一下首詩 中文勁煩要背詩 →→中文:未溫過,怕記敘文 英文oral唔好D →→英文,好驚 數學小心揀MC →→數學,careless! 地圖讀到變白癡 →→Geog. Crazy map reading 李鴻章街係中史 →→中史,林伯發功」 Mussolini法西斯→→西史,得啦掛 EPA終極爛gag →→EPA, E for Economy! 讀好書真係唔易 詩詞歌庫逐個捉 to or gerund小心look mean mode median分清楚 斜坡山脊同山谷 Physics 問題夠晒trick →→唔驚 Bio要記Appendix →→好驚D organic farming Chem計mass難過登天 →→煩~! 今年exam唔會淺~唔會淺~~~ 改左句 數學,小心MC!!!!!!! 講番 happy new year! 2009要吐氣揚眉~! -------------------- *目標更新 支持下我 []內係1月目標 Ranked Score: 43,388,770 (#1842) [60,000,000, #1600] Hit Accuracy: 87.99% [90%] Play Count: 2,432 [3,000] Total Score: 578,518,630 [700,000,000] Current Level: 44 50% [47] Efficieny: 7.50% [9%] [要有750 combo ge award, 全中through the fire and flames!!!] p.s. efficiency=ranked score/total score Ranked Score is the main metric of osu!, which gives you your rank in the online score charts. It consists of the highest passing score you have achieved in each beatmap set. This means that if you play both Normal and Hard difficulties of the same beatmap set (one .osz file), only your highest scoring difficulty will be included. Total points scored in all ranked beatmap plays. This includes both passes and fails.

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