Saturday, 10 January 2009

Changing the style,,,要改下這個blog的排位嗎

呢排好多人來睇……\(_ _)/ 不過也有人投訴很亂,要找的資料都找不到 所以希望在此一次過問啦(雙語: on) ---- 1)筆記應放在下方、右方還是另開一篇文章,並將其超連結放在當眼位置? 1)Where should we put the notes' link, at the bottom of the blog (like now), on the right side of the bl0g, or open a new post to put the hyperlink inside AND put the link of this post to somewhere easily be xeen?(i.e. under the title of this blog)... This should be the most important problem xD ---- 2)右邊應否放那麼多的"資訊"?其實當文章夠長時,右方並不會對blog長度構成影響。 2)Is the "information" on the right hand side too much? In fact, the length of posts is ususlly longer than the information on the right hand side that the total length of this blog will NOT be affected by the information on the right. ---- 3)有甚麼資料是可以刪減/增加的?(例如時鐘等) 3)Anything on the right hand side you want to add'em in or delete them?(e.g. clock...) ---- Thx for your suggestion :D you may contact me through my MSN. and please mention that you've found my MSN here Also, commenting here is welcome. 有意見ge可以用MSN(上面那個),也可以在這留言 Thx!

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