Thursday, 1 January 2009


今年note多左好多...本人打到昏昏欲睡ge時候就會錯漏百出打左好多好笑野=V= 同大家分享下~ 1)Chemistry "...The chemical method refers to carbon reproduction" 睇得時間迴旋(spin)太多,學識左半有機自動feedback系統XD 2)History "...and the lost of US in the Vietnam leading to the end of star war" 正解係lost of US+the financial crisis of USSR on developing star war led to the end of cold war 睇電視太多 XD 3)中史 "...於是英軍不攻魔州,轉而北上,降浙江定海,直逼天津大沽砲口,道光立即將林則徐撤職" 正解係陷浙江定海,直逼大沽港口 我會懷疑英軍逼到去砲口仲會唔會做炮灰 XD 4)Biology "...we can control the pest physically" 打扁佢?!? 5)Chemistry "...There were mining industries in Hk in the past" (Hk ge atomic number係幾多?!?) 6)Physics " medium, either, is nessacary" 係以太唔係either 7)History "...and later developed as European Union(Eu)" (Eu, europium, atomic no. 63....) Chem上腦了 8)Biology "Periodontal disease is the disease in the periodontal membrane" 好廢話 xD 以上錯誤已被修改,如果各位發現其他錯處,歡迎舉報 XD 最後,祝大家happy new year and have a easy exam

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