Monday, 8 April 2013

Linear algebra

Here comes another big project.

As you may have noticed I have another blog writing some basic analysis notes but that turns out to be not very efficient. This time I switched the topic (as requested by whom I'm writing for) to linear algebra, using pure PDF form and hope you will like it.

I do not aim for rigourness very much since she(?) is not a professional in mathematics. Instead I try to describe the big picture on how the linear algebra work on system of linear equations and the nature of matrices. At later section I will try to describe some linear transformations and eigenvalues associated.

Recently it's half-finished and click me to access the note. The topics covered now is the basic stuffs only:


Ch.1 System of linear equations
Ch.2 Vector
Ch.3 Matrices
- Matrix operations, multiplication, elementary matrices, inverses
Ch.4 Determinants
- Determinants and system of linear equations, cramer's rule, factorization
- Linear independence, orthogonality
- Rank, spaces and dimension
- Vector spaces
- Eigenvalues
- Linear transformation
- Decomposition
- Linear programming


v0.5.0 8 Apr, 2013

If you find any error, in any forms (including grammar or mathematics), please kindly tell me to fix them.

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