Friday 19 October 2018

TWEWY Final Remix: a mid-term review

My thoughts on TWEWY 10 years ago (in Chinese)

10 years has passed...

I finally got the English version after mistakenly bought the Japanese version. Took me ~40 hours to finish the main 21 days + secret reports, which is basically most of the old material. It would be good to have a mid-term review here.

Note that this is a review from the perspective of a TWEWY veteran who have already finished the original game and at least one version of the in-between remixes designed for pads. The game has already received enough praises -- I want to highlight my thoughts on the differences between the versions.


Took me around 25 hours to finish the traditional story line and 40 hours for the secret report. I cleared most boss noises at ultimate - would be significantly easier on hard.

I skipped all possible conversations as I know them inside out anyway. It's easy for me to find a suitable pin set as well. I expect new players to clear the main story line within 40 hours and secret report within 60-80 hours.


It's good to have a grip-based control. It is naturally very hard to use, but it is good to have one at least. The only problem is the conversion between the two control method easily get stuck in the grip detection screen. Not sure if that's a problem from switch directly.

One may notice that with the HD battlefield the character now has a greater flexibility, and as a result a few blind spots occurred in some boss battles (neo cantus especially).


With MPP completely taken away from the game, one problem occurs: BPP seems too easy to get while getting SDPP is too slow -- are there any compromise between the two? Old players eagers so much to finish the mastery collection swiftly.

The main game play is basically the same, but there's another bug around: in conversations when you have more than 3 choices the first option is always shown as uncompleted even if you read through that part. Not a big problem though.

Tin Pin Slammer:

I expect a multiplayer mode but meh. AI still suck as hell except the battle against the prof and the wizard which is hard as hell. AI's full potential to react is even better and they can hit you harder without getting you stunned. They can put you in very hard situation if they want, but they does not seem to happen frequently.

It seems like in high quality battle the hammer is simply unreliable. I start taking meteorite as means of escaping [when hit by AI without getting stunned] and spikes the practical way to stun opponents. That seemed to work in many different situations, but unfortunately we do not have a chance to test that in a PVP situation.


The new tracks are not very noticeable in the first 21 days. I liked the option that you can choose between the original OST set or the switch music set, but so far the difference is small. I think we will get more new songs in the new days.

Of course, all the old songs are great.

A new day:

Errr...despite the extremely messy chaotic Shibuya map, the new part is quite disappointing to play, at least on the battle part.

It is fine to have extra battling conditions, but having every battle to be a split battle is simply stupid. That forces players to choose penetrating attacks or otherwise the player would easily be flooded by the swarm of noises -- the new gem-currency, split-generated pp and new pins are also likely to break the original system in the sense that `everything in the old system is now useless just go ahead and grab all those new stuffs' --- that's a big no from me and probably also from other old TWEWY fans.

I'm kind of expecting an explanation throughout the 7 days, not something in a parallel world but having the full explanation in the secret report. That is not a good way to complete a story.


Well...I haven't really finished the new story line so I should not say too much about those. However I am really expecting more.

As usual I am not that kind of players taking the most recent standard on every single game, but you got to admit that the way they present things, and the depth of the context is no longer at the top using the 2018 standard. From the best RPG in the DS-era to a very well made RPG in the switch store, TWEWY final remix is still a good game that I would definitely recommend to every one of you.

Saturday 13 October 2018

Thoughts on Simon Marais 2018

This is the second time I am involved in this competition...and again of course, not in the role of contestants. Here are some short comments.

A1. Very good -- it is not that kind of idiotic question like last year. However I read the question as "find n for one can tile a n*n square with non-congruent dominant rectangles". This is another question, of difficulty in another dimension.

The main problem is still very easy. You can either look for family of solutions mod 3, or family of solutions mod 4. Both can be easily found.

Difficulty rating: Easy [2/10]

A2. A very nice setup. Once you realize everything can be scaled you can lower the dimension and the rest is simple by drawing some graphs.

Difficuly rating: Easy [3/10]

A3. Not very hard but tricky to write down a precise proof since the DE does not seem to have a short analytical solution. One would like to estimate and bound the solution curve by extending bit by bit on the interval 0
Difficulty rating: Moderately easy [4/10]

A4. The recurrence relation is easy to obtain, while the sum is hard to get. Partial credit is still better than nothing for an A4 even if this is not Putnam.

Difficulty rating: Hard [7/10]

B1. Oh come on standard linear algebra. One replaces min by max and it could look a bit more intimidating...

Difficulty rating: Super easy [2/10]

B2. High school surd exercise? One can make simpler and much stronger claims using density.

Difficulty rating: Super easy [2/10]

B3. The speed of the two slower spiders is a strong hint on how you should use them. Otherwise this is really a non-trivial claim.

Difficulty rating: Moderately hard [6/10]

B4. Comparing with the one last year, the object of interest this year seemed...not very useful at all. It's just like an ad hoc matrix just for fun...whatever.

If you looked for the case m=2,3,4 then you should be able to see through what's happening with m=5, and more importantly why is it a mess for m>5. Easy partial credit, but who dares to take the open problem?

Difficulty rating: Moderately easy [4/10] for partial credit + ???


Much harder than last year, and it is closer to what it should have been. The spreading of part A is desirable, while that for part B is dreadful. Would really appreciate if they decide to add more questions to widen the breath and difficulty spectrum.

Sunday 7 October 2018


千緒的上學路 (8)
異世界居酒屋 (7.5)
工作細胞 (7.5)
高分少女 (7.5)

後街女孩 (7)
Persona 5 (7) (未完)
利根川 (6.5)

異世界召喚 (6)
京都寺三條 (6)
遊戲三人娘 (6)
殺戮的天使 (6) (未完)

Phantom in the Twilight (5.5)
Island (5)
百鍊霸王 (4.5)




上學路(8) vs 遊戲三人娘(6)




異世界魔王與召喚少女的奴隸魔術(6) vs 百鍊霸王(4.5)





完美詮釋福本風格的作品。有點日常風又不太日常,因為觀眾全都知道這是限定猜拳的前傳。黑衣人在辦公室裡ざわ ざわ...,看倌們也私下在ざわ ざわ...,就這樣渡過了13集。的確利根川是個很優秀的人,與黑衣人和會長的互動也很有趣,不過說到尾這番還是福本粉絲限定,如果抱著看默示錄或者那場打二十年的麻雀一樣的心態來看的話可能會失望。