Friday 21 November 2014

A trip to South Island, New Zealand (2): Akaora

Although Lyttelton is the centre of the 2011 earthquake it doesn't look like it's more damaged than the Christchurch city centre, this is partially because their assets as a tourist spot is quite localized and the cost to recover them is relatively lower (of course it really takes some money and time to recover various monuments). This is the same for the rest of the Banks peninsula, like Akaroa.

Sunday 9 November 2014

A trip to South Island, New Zealand (1): Christchurch

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. I don't have much to talk about academic stuff recently simply due to the high workload I have had in the last semester, which is now over. I've now got some time to write about my trip, which is an amazing experience.

The trip included some typical spots but not all of them. In particular most of the time was spent into outdoor activities so I didn't have much city experience this time (except Christchurch I guess). Anyway I guess people who travel in New Zealand expect such kind of tours right?

I planned to write a series of entries about the trip and hopefully this will be updated weekly. I hope this serves as a guide for those who are interested to travel like me, who do not used to spend a lot in the tours but to enjoy the pace of a place. And of course, to enjoy the food.