Mathematics Corner

Here's a compilation of my finished entries on various mathematics topics. Most of them are for secondary school students. (I do not cover all entries labelled 'maths' here, just those who were highly related to maths.)
I explore different topics just for my interest, because everyone can have different method to solve their problems, just like the infinitely many variations from Euler's identity.
Expect some grammatical problems or mathematical immaturity for those old stuffs.

Completed topics
A geometric approach to LP duality (check my site)
Duality method for approximation algorithms (check my site)
Introductory linear algebra (LA2)
Text on introductory probability
List of standard integration tricks
RV sequence of smaller variances
Choice of coordination
GCD and exponents
An analysis problem on convergence
Algorithms that weights influences
Formalizing equations on minesweeper
A number theory question from games Part I Part II
Operator precedence
Detecting cheaters: a statistical approach
Algebrical method on 2D geometry Part I Part II
Vector on 2D geometry Part I Part II
Complex method on real identities
Generating functions through calculus Differentiation Integration Integration II
Irrationality II
Method of Mathematical Induction
Part I Part II Part III Part IV
A question on complex number
NSS co-geom problem
Complex number VS Co-geom
Determinant for M2 Part I Part II Part III
Definition of inequality
Problems on perfect square
Area maximization and its variations
LCM and GCD factorization method
NSS combinatorics
Differential equation I
Variables and Parametric equations
Equations involving multiple functions
Numerical Approximation II
Numerical Approximation
Cyclic Equation
Multiple geometric summation
Selected question of Putnam 2005
Theory of Equations
Variations    Answer
Structual Analysis of the term "Score"     Answer 1     Answer 2
Review of SIMC