Monday 17 December 2012

A new direction

It has been more than one month from my last entry and almost two months from my last academic entry. What I've been done? Some learning and some researches though I can't say much about them here.

As the chance I come across with college mathematics decreases I hardly focus on them and find new topic about it to discuss. Instead I came across with distinct and wider field and as a result I write more of them in different manner. Project Euler and tenhou are sort of trials.

Sometimes I can't really concentrate on self-learning during vaccation but I'm still willing to write something about them.

All these indicates a shift in manner and field on the contexts I write, from academic stuffs from schools sublimating to further application or something research-worthy topic.

So, please look forward to my coming topics:

1) Completing the economy in virtual society.

2) Staired random walk. This occur natrually in some games/leagues, where the organizer is trying to avoid the match between two teams with too-large-ability difference. How is the distribution looks like? Are there any conversion between measurement in-game and the ability? They are supposed to be different if the player is in distinct stair.

3) More on finite difference and FFT --- a crossover between simple computational maths and complex alogarithms!