I opened this blog in 2007. Content constantly changes every few years. But one thing is for sure: this is the place that records my life and my activity. The mainstream content of the blog, in chronological order, can be broken down onto 3 stages:

2007-2009: Many random stuffs, re-posting uncopyrighted memes and short passages. But also some creations and diary of mine.

2010-2012: High school notes that I recollected and integrated over time. This was a long term project that I have planned beforehand. Also my creation.

2013- : Educational stuffs are largely restricted to maths, and more on ACG, food, diaries, and original stories.

Below are some of my other articles that do not belong to the above categories. If you need anything else, use the search function on the right. ;)

Last updated: 31/01/2023

The World Ends With You 

NeoTWEWY reviews

2014 Christchurch Akaora Mt Cook Tekapo Te Anau

Neopets related

Game related

Anime reviews

AfterDark (an old screensaver system)


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