About me and the blog

"Creation is like setting up linear equations in a space and what creator does is to bring you to a higher space, allowing more equations and possibilities."

About me

Name: Forretrio

The origin of the name comes from the Pokemon Forretress and -trio for whatever extra taste given to it. Saturio had no idea when I first made up the name!

I am one with too many hobbies and specializes on none. But most of them fall into one of the two categories: creation and numbers. 

Creation: I have an immense interest on creation, especially on music, electronic art and literatures. I compose music, make Osu! maps, draw Japanese style arts, but I spent the most time on writing stuffs. I also like to be the recipients of creation -- I have a board interest in the spectrum of music, I browse pixiv everyday...and I read books. Lots of books.

Numbers: From the beginning I understand the world by numbers. For how long your transportation card would run out of money? How many steps did it take for you to walk from the station to the school? When I grew up, I like everything that can be realized in numbers: the economy, the cyclone and so on. But sometimes I hate applying numbers of some of them like sports or chess, because that destroys the romance or holiness of such human traditions.

About the blog

I opened this blog in 2007. The goal or the content of the blog is constantly changing every few years. But one thing is for sure: this is the place that records my life and my activity. As I mentioned above I have board interests so I write in many parallel topics, and they can be search by tags. 

The mainstream content of the blog, in chronological order, can be broken down onto 3 stages:

2007-2009: Many random stuffs, re-posting uncopyrighted memes and short passages. But also some creations and diary of mine.

2010-2012: High school notes that I recollected and integrated over time. This was a long term project that I have planned beforehand. Also my creation.

2013- : Educational stuffs are largely restricted to maths, and more on ACG, food, diaries, and original stories.


V1: 18/05/2014
V2: 29/12/2016
V3: 18/03/2021

Oh and here're my BOINC badges, a place where I contributed(wasted) countless computational power onto, a noteworthy bit of my life:

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