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"Composing is like setting up linear equations in a space and what composer do is to bring you to a higher space, allowing more equations and possibilities."

About me

Name: forretrio, or as most of you know, I'm known as Chris.
Quote: Experior, Expono, Excedo (Experiment, Explore, Excel)
Favourite games: osu!
Favourite doujin project: touhou
Favourite doujin composer: Hatsuki Yura, Unchiku Company, Haru
Other liked sources: cranky, OSTER project, dj TAKA, Yufu, IOSYS, Sound Holic, DJ TOTTO...
Favourite classical composer: Vivaldi, Chopin, Beethoven
Hobby: osu!, music, maths, programming, go, history, cyclones,... (see my profile for a full list of them)
Language: Python, C, Matlab, Mathematica, J, R

Mentionable osu! achievement:

Osu! solo - Highest world ranking #197
Osu! taiko - World #1 for 1 year
Osu! CtB - Highest world ranking #10
Osu! modding - 1700kd, BAT (Beatmap Appreciation Team, a.k.a. admins, some sort of)

Basically, I'm a stupid guy who've spent too much time on too many fields and experting not so many of them. I'm sure music and maths will be on my experted list. With 6 years of experience in Osu! and countless plays of other rhythmic games I am happy with deal with more of it from both artistic and theoretical way. Maths has been my favourite and I have been involving in formal researching project and I'm looking forward to get myself totally into it.

One can read my interest list and I hope some if not most will fit your taste. I'm also fascinated to talk with others about these topics. If you want to be one of them just feel free to contact me, typically via Osu!.

Blog: About

Math is fun. Isn't it?

Subjects are not as hard as you imaginated. It's much easier if you try to explore stuffs by yourself using what you've learnt. My blog serves as a medium in helping you to find different useful and interesting applicable theory from what you've learnt on the lessons.

Mathematics-related entries has varying difficulties. I would say that they are at college level and some would suit olympiad players. As time goes by, it may gets more difficult if I want to write advanced topics on something that I've learnt not a long time ago.

Urging myself focusing in technical details I can hardly write physics/chemistry related passage otherwise the theory involved is too technical. The situation is different for economics as theory can be realized by common readers.

Economics can be easily applied everywhere in the society and everywhere could give you a spark of idea to write stuffs so you'll find quite a lot of them in my blog.

My another interest is about the theory of games. Not about the one invented by John Nash, but the way online game works, economy inside the games, games and network development, etc. It's an integration of mathematics, sociology, economices and many different knowledge but through writing these passages I actually learn from them as well.

Bridge and rhythmic games are stuffs I'll occasionally write in this blog as my regular interest as well. Besides, I used to write notes since F.2 and I've uploaded all notes to this site so you may take reference from it.


V1: 18/05/2014
V2: 29/12/2016

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