Monday 1 August 2016


The nature can sometimes be harsh. Isn't it? Probably a long forgotten nightmare of direct hit under the existence of high tide is approaching fast (not exactly, but people wanted it to go slower allowing more time to improve its CDO).

Living in such metropolitan we often underestimates the power of the nature...interconnected indoor areas and shelters looked safe but you never know what happened next. Who would have expected that the Festival Walk would collapse under thunderstorm? Gales can even be more unpredictable when it comes to destroy things - windows in modern city are designed to withstand tornado-equivalent winds, but random objects brought into the air can pierce glass under fierce pressure just like a piece of paper. Collapsing outdoor structure, and electricity network, flash flooding...essential elements of living in a city could be gone in just a few hours, and these haven't been expected and prepared by residents of the city.

And yes we have Pokemon Go...despite the fact that it does not sound very applauding to me as the authentic game, exposing yourself outside is plainly stupid. The rarity of pokemon in the game is not even close to the chance of getting rare items/cards/characters in a god-damned mobile game, and you've got the chance every single day for free, why risk your life for it?

Vicente may just as well serve as a precaution alarm, but people quickly threw the warning away. And now the real trouble is coming. Hong Kongers, are you ready for that?