Hi, this is my page for Osu!.

As many of you knows, this blog is for academic use, most of my personal stuffs were put on facebook, but there left my Osu! stories.

I'm an Osu! fan because it's an excellent platform for sharing music, more importantly different views and interpretation on the same music. I play because I can feel other's re-creation on the same song and their different understanding on the song while enjoying it, it's simply a visualizing view on the song.

Besides the solo (authentic mode), there're also CtB and Taiko mode. To be honest I'm trying to change the current situation because many taiko diffs make it hard purely depends in mapper's willingness, ignoring songs' original content, making unpeasent and random diffs, that's why I hate namco's extreme taiko maps as well. Maps are not made to be hard and random, they should fit the style and feelings of the whole music. When we map a waltz like song (e.g. Itou Kanako - Waltz), we expect a cantabile, delicato or dolce styled one, but NOT a capriccioso or furioso piece, it's just like you put a cooked vegetable as the topping on the Strawberry cake (Caramelldensen, right? lol).

That's all for my ideas on taiko mapping.

Well the following is my record on Osu!:
Solo (Osu! standard mode):
highest world #197 (mid 09', when I was playing with Saturio)
Taiko mode:
ex-world overall #1 (3 section of period Apr. 09', Aug. 09'~Feb. 10' and July 10'~May 11')
Taiko world cup #1 staff, #2 vice manager.
highest world #20 (mid 10', ex-HK overall #1)
9 ranked, over 80 guest diff (mainly taiko GD)
Favourite own solo map:
1) Holy moon - forever epic!
2) Kokoro (Cantonese ver.)
Favourite own taiko map:
1) Dreamenddischarger
1400 kds, started modding since Apr. 10.
7/1/2012 - joined MAT.
20/5/2012 - joined BAT.
4+ years of Osu! life
First ever player to unlock all achievements

Some random signature blocks:

2011 - standard mode #1000

2009 - taiko mode #1

Current form.


This is my link of osu! userpage, so welcome to find me for chatting/playing/mapping, etc.