Saturday 24 June 2023

24/6/23: Blackout2/DDR

Updates to several entries I wrote in June so it's better to merge them in one.

Blackout ep.2

It went on mostly in line of what I have predicted. Spez tolerated the 2 day protests, but take swift actions once it gets prolonged, especially on those big subs. Subs sneakily turned back to public/SFW, mods taken down, and some subs even get banned. It is clear that Reddit has the tools to take the most ruthless measures to break down the protest, and they are ready to do so.

But redditors also proves themselves more capable of just joining the blackouts. Their ways to burning Reddit everywhere is probably the only thing out of my prediction. Other than the standard ways of keeping subs as restricted/NSFW or mods passively resisting admin's order, we have subs changing into themes fitting their name in other ways (e.g. r/wellthatsucks for vacuum cleaners and r/steam for well...steam but is gone now). Attempt to flood Reddit with data request as an obligation under GDPR. Contacting advertisers. Archiving the whole damn site and mass removal of account. And above all, the John Oliver movement -- transforming the sub into one that only posts John Oliver.

These are all great attempts to further protest, but I think they will eventually dies down...just one by one. I honestly don't think the management would react (in ways other than they do now) and apologize. Even if they do so it would be too late, just like how tumble reverted their decision but failed to revert their fate.

I do support these attempts till the last minute though. If you too are interested maybe a visit to r/Save3rdPartyApps would be a good start.


I was complaining old DDR cabs arrows going faster like gold cabs to the point where I can only read BPM350 boost...but it seems that I am wrong.

I tried a few times this week, and I suddenly find BPM360 boost too slow and BPM300 intolerable. Then I tried BPM420 (High & low x2.0) this is the speed that I am used to. I should try more at the 400-450 range. If that works for me it would be a damn lot easier to adjust the scrolling speed.


And of course, world's focus over the weekend would be over Russia...who would have thought that the October Revolution is coming again? It's easier for me to find a western reference but in Chinese history there is one that is quite similar...the An–Shi Rebellion, featuring the Wagner group and the Chechen (oh they just uploaded tiktok vids says that they support Putin) :)

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