Wednesday, 28 April 2021

TWEWY the Animation: Shiki week impression

Probably the most iconic shot of the week.

Anime this season are exceptionally good in general. There are so much that I want to talk about, but if I have to talk about one particular of them then it must be The World Ends With You the Animation.

The animation is a successful reiteration of the 2008 game with some modern twists, but it also keeps  features from the original game like the character's postures and of course the music. I do not intend to analyze in detail the difference between the game and the anime. Instead, this is a collection of my live reaction based on my game experience.

Probably not spoiler alert because I mainly refer to the game content of the same progress, but I will refer a lot to game data like pin code, pin evolution, droppings and so on -- check the wiki pages if you are not sure.

Let us start from Episode 1-3 aka the Shiki week.


That's something that I concern the most since I remember the pins too well and that's the unique system in the game. I wished that the game uses pins in the order of gameplay -- some pins are much more accessible in the early game, so they should be introduced earlier. 

Neku started with the 6 basic pins, but it was the Pyrokinesis pin that was used mainly. That's a natural choice but it appeared for too many times. They used Thunderbolt as well, but I feel like it'll be more impressive to use the other 4 as well. Shockwave might clash visually with Shiki's psych, but Force Rounds and Psychokinesis would be cool to display. Cure Drink as an immediate potion also expand the versatility of the pins (to whom never played the game).

In early days, players are almost guaranteed to come across to D+B pins and probably D+B pins only. It's unfortunate that they decided to display the pins in a random order. Changing Murasame into a jumping psych is ok, but one only obtains the pin from 33N (Hard Corehog) on Shiki day 5 -- so you can't have that on day 1!

Similar problem occurred on episode 2: Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire is a pretty powerful pin and it's only obtainable from 13NU (Alterna Wolf) that is not around before week 2. 

Then on episode 3 Neku activated Ice Risers but it was visually showed as Blizzard Cool. Both of them are available by the end of week 1 so they should really display Blizzard Cool instead. 

D+B pins is really one of the best brand of pins to use against the first GM fight because they are mostly psychs that works regardless of distance. 001/002 (Ice Blow/Risers) surely works with a simply flick, but 003/004 (Frozen/Blizzard Cool) is even better: when the icicles are halfway out the enemy is dealt with constant damage. Even better the boss can't move so it's free damage and combo all the way. The Sexy- pins (006-8) are also effective against the boss. These are all the pins that I used when I first played the game.

Oh they also used Sweet Talk Tether, another wonderful pin against static opponents. Although obtaining the pin is less obvious in game: it's either from 35E that does not appear during week 1 in the original game, only on W1D7 in the final remix (so the pin choice for the anime was decided when they made final remix? Though that's kind of hard to believe), or to evolve from Love Me Tether which is a pig drop on day 6.


- Calling as an OP substitute is a natural choice. All fans would love that. Aaaaand we just get another remix of Twister.

- A-East was renamed probably because it was purchased by Tsutaya after the original game.

- The 1-3 bat boss was defeated by a 4-man collab, which is of course different from the original game. But relating to what we saw from the Neo trailer, I guess this will be the norm in Neo?

- They simplified the imprint system. I wish I could do the same instead of hissing around for the meme keywords.

- New fish noises?

- They mentioned that the noises will grow stronger over time. This wasn't in the original game. Instead it's closer to the mechanics in the 3 new days. Maybe something similar in Neo?

And that's all. Stay tuned for my impression on week 2 contents!

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