Friday 26 February 2021

26/2/2021: Ebony & Ivory from Beatstream to Nos


An easy level 12, disappointingly easy. I got 98% on the second day.

I hate difficulty locks in MUGs by a lot. Games like Nostalgia, Chunithm and DDR partially, have an unlock system where higher difficulty unlocks only when one completes a lower difficulty with good enough scores. This is a complete waste of time because a large portion of advanced players simply do not touch the lower difficulties. Among these Beatstream had the most notorious system among all -- the nightmare difficulty only unlocks when the player completes a course with accuracy up to 95%-99%.

As a result I never got the chance to try the nightmare difficulty of Ebony & Ivory till the last play that was available to me via multiplayer game with my friend, and it plays as exciting as watching that on screen. It has one of the most iconic streams in Beatstream that is uncontested till the end of service. It's a nice song too, another great piece of work my long time favourite OSTER project.

Unfortunately the design of Beatstream is really incompatible with extreme maps. At note density as high as those top maps in Reflec Beat it looks really bad on Beatstream. This is apparent when they pushed Lv.神 on KAC which looked really unappetizing. As a result Beatstream had its service terminated on 31/7/2017. Still I am still waiting for its revival on mobile device as it is apparently one of the Konmai MUG that is more compatible with tablets (right after Reflec Beat). 

Beatstream machines were transformed into Nostalgia machine since then. It's properly designed and is connected to my beloved piano based songs. I have spent around 1000 credits since its introduction -- but I still miss Beatstream time to time. And with Ebony & Ivory became available I am triggered so write this diary as a record just in case I cannot retrieve my score screenshot anymore (I am pretty sure I have a screenshot on my Beatstream score for Ebony & Ivory but I failed to find that somehow).

Oh and something about the Nos map: the lack of Real difficulty is really disappointing, cause I have been waiting for that for a long time! The expert map yields 1009 combo whereas the nightmare difficulty from Beatstream contains 991 combo where most notes are single notes. This song is perfect for a real lv.3 I am not joking...

My Jubeat emblem, since 2017 and never changed

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