Sunday 18 November 2018

DDR, the 4.5th year

Some references:
[5/2016] DDR the 2nd year
[2/2017] DDR the 3rd year
[5/2018] DDR the 4th year

IX down.
Max period down.
Schrodinger's cat? Who cares.

Over the period and ENDYMION are the last two challenge that stands before I clear all the 18s (oh and of course A4A but that is never a problem as soon as it is made available). What I lack can basically reduced to 3 classes.

1. The ability to hit slow streams (BPM160-) consistently

With most 17-18s sitting at the 170-200 range, it is natural for players to hit too fast on these streams. Two typical examples are the two Saber Wing remixes

- SABER WING (satellite silhouette remix) CSP, BPM 138 Lv 15
- SABER WING (AKIRA ISHIHARA Headshot mix) CSP, BPM 158 Lv 17

But two more relevant examples are

- MAX 300 (Super-max-me-mix) CSP, BPM 160 Lv 16
- 嘆きの樹 ESP, BPM 160 Lv 16

In particular, the highly repetitive streams makes it hard to concentrate and to master. Comparatively Max period ESP has a long BPM 150 stream at the end but that is never a problem.

It might be even harder when more weird things got mixed in, where you often hit too fast too hard and damage your performance and stamina. 嘆きの樹 CSP (BPM 160 1/4+1/6) and max period (BPM 160 section in a BPM 205 song) are two example where you need to stay clam and hit in a slower speed.

And of course, over the period has the super-max-me section and that is not easy to master.

2. Stamina/consistency on hyper streams (BPM210+)

The orthodox way to make maps harder is to produce faster songs, and that occurs naturally as we have countless BPM 200 songs already. But we also get songs exceeding BPM 200 like

- Over the period (BPM 205)
- Neutrino (BPM 205)
- Prey (BPM 210)
- Elemental Creation (BPM 212)

And now, BPM 220 seems to be the norm for the hardest songs -- EGOISM440 and ENDYMION are both BPM 220. They also contain streams more complicated than those in EC. To pass those the highest standard of stamina is necessary. Maybe I should start playing consecutive Lv 17s?

Oh and of course the stupid ~eternal love mix~ section at the end of ENDYMION is definitely a Lv 19 thing. Or rather the whole diff should have been a Lv 19.

3. Ability to handle slow sections

Well that's always a problem to players started playing in the new era because they are never trained to read slow shits. Some maps allow extreme speed adjustments that you can survive while reading the slow part properly like

- Neutrino (racking up to BPM 825/900 to read the slow part)
- Valkyrie Dimension (Use BPM 3.5x and recite the slow section)

And for some you can use sudden+

- IX (BPM 600 with sudden+ worked for me, but I guess BPM 700 without sudden+ should also be fine)
- max period

But these tricks meet their limit when it comes to lv 18+ to lv 19 maps. Either the fast section is too long to be recited or you have no proper chance to remove the sudden+ screening. I can't the middle section of max period with the screen off so I have to turn it off during the 6th notes, and that is extremely risky. Imagine that I need to do the same in over the period and that must be painful.

It's really weird that you thought you can focus on the upper part even without the screen while your legs tell otherwise. And from here I slowly understand why high end Osu! players always complain about low AR...but well if you want to stick with DDR I guess this is something you need to adapt eventually.

With these 3 things in my mind hopefully I can get through all 18s before the introduction of lv 20.

Oh and maybe I will have the chance to have a glimpse into the 8th KAC...

Statistics, end of 2018:
55 times played since 26/05/18; 1416 songs played
Lv 17: All cleared / 24A
Lv 18: 35 cleared / 6A
Lv 19: ???

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