Thursday, 11 December 2008

The power problems in China

* The alternative power resources and transportating coal and oil which are in table form will not appear here. Please refer to the doc. version. You can download it near the bottom of this page. The energy problem in China 1) Coal and oil are main energy sources of China but the they’re not evenly distributed. 2) Coal -- N, NE, NW part of China, Oil -- NE and NW part of China. 3) Industry consumes most energy in China but those industrial zone aren’t matched with the coalfield and oilfield → energy shortage in some industrial zone of Chine (South China). 4) The total power consumption is increasing faster than total power production because of the rapid improvement of industrial industry, living standard and quality. 5) Coal and oil are non-renewable resources and reserves are decreasing by exploitation. 6) There are three problem by burning Coal and oil. Air pollution -- SO2, CO2, NO and ash. They reduce visibility and rise health risk. Acid rain -- Burning poor quality of coal(↑S) may emit SO2 and NO which cause acid rain. 7) Global warming -- Burning those fuels may emit lots of CO2 which is a type of greenhouse gas and the rising concentration of CO2 enhance the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere and led to global warming. 8) West-East gas transmission project pipes gas from Tarim Pendi(Xinjiang) to Shanghai and lower course in Chang Jiang. 9) We can also set up new industrial zone to match those distribution but we need to consider the power, labour supply, transportation, market and raw material supply, etc.

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