Saturday 26 December 2009


Happy boxing day! 用了TeXnicCenter打pdf, 真係好令~ 目前rewrite緊我篇Basic Algebraic Skills 目前框架為 1)Polynomial -factorizing, identity *skill of substitution (Intro) 2)Fucntion -degree, domain *sequences (Intro) 3)Equation -linear -quadratic analysis ->sum and product -complex numbers -eliminating terms -beyond quadratic 4)Sequences -Recursive -characteristic equation -chain function 5)Function revisited -rational function -root function -logarithm -Absolute function 6)Inequality -solving -The sum and product sign -AM-GM Ineq. -Triangular Ineq. 7)Algebraic Trigon -Co-goem system -Definition and extention of trigon function -Complex number ion Trigon mean -Application 8)Common Technique in Olympiad Mathematics -assumption of extreme value

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