Saturday 10 July 2010


Actually I'm not clear about the content of SAYC lol
Basic stuffs like 13+HCP 1 opening, weak2, strong 2C and gambling 3NT... But the further responses can hardly give a meanings...~
Special conventions like Stayman, Jacoby, Texas, Blackwood are common in all types of bidding, but I wanna add some convention for myself like 4th suit forcing and unusual NT~ Then that makes the SAYC not standard anymore xD
Let's call it AYC then...
Example (?) Both vul.
North: S KQ H 8 C A82 D AKJ8652
South: S A108765 H K6 D 103 C QJ3
Method 1:
1D - 2S
3D - 3NT
4D - 4NT
5C - 6D //
*2S : positive response; rebiddable S
*3D - positive response; twice rebiddable D
*3NT : Show control
*4D - slam invittation; wiling of playing suit
Method 2:
1D - 1S
2D - 2S
4H - 6D
*4H : variation of splinter; support in S plus singleton/void in H
*6D - to play
6D or 6S, which is better? lol

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