Thursday 14 April 2011

Atomic Physics : doc. ver notes

Links removed - check the above "Notes Corner" for my personal sites for the document.

Ch.1 - Atomic model
Ch.2 - Photoelectric effect
Ch.3 - Energy level
Ch.4 - Wave-particle duality
Ch.5 - Introductory nanotechnology

Original ver. -> notes of ch.1~4
MS equation ver. -> notes of ch. 1-4 where some long equations were rewritten by MS equations
Book ver. -> Full ver (ch. 1-5). My selection from some books, about 20 examples + 20 questions.

0)  This is for my classmates who want to study this elective topic ourselves.
1)  Please take the textbook as reference too. The exericses are importnat.
2)  This sets of notes including so many extra stuffs, and the examples and exercises are focused at the main component of the module.
3)  I will find some past paper (80-88AL) for Ch.1-4, but be prepared that it's VERY hard orz
4)  Please tell me if there's any problem with the content.

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