Friday 12 August 2011

Bridge Fantasy

Hi, here's my 600th passage on my blog.

You sit for East, NS vul.
S 9
H 3
D K654
C AT97632

N    E     S    W
              1H  X
3H   ?

By observing the first round bidding it seems that powers are in N and W's hand, while North has some good hearts and minimum to invite game. You know that the distribution is extreme while NS finds a major fitting and EW desire a minor fitting. However it's hard to show your 7-4 minor in this position, especially S would probably bid 4H.

You bidded 4C, N bidded 4H as expected, then your partner went up to 5D and being doubled. You have pretty well D suit so you passed. It's showtime for West.

D QJ9832
C Q8

The situation is quite bad as there're two losing tricks and you have to hope that SQ is in S, CK is in N or singleton in S. Suppose North did a wrong leading C4,  you play ace because you can discard H3  during spade play and avoid from losing HA. It's surprising that  S drops CK, and you play C8. Now you are trying to win 12 tricks and get the top score.

You play small S and finesse with SJ and susceed. Then SK and discard H3, ruff H10 with D4. You played one round of trump and find that N voided D. That would be bad as S6 won't be the 12th tricks and you lacks bridge to the dummy: S will win DK with his DA OR win over your CQ with trump then D A.

Our method is to let North crashes his own two winning tricks: Play S6 and win by small D in dummy and play one round of D. Then he can't win two tricks with this DA, then we will be able to win 12 tricks.

It's just troublesome to do such work to win your 12th tricks. An alternative method is that you do not win H10 by trumping, but you should play 3 rounds of D to put DA out, then you can makeup your long C suit as well.

Well this is not a well-written one, just sharing my experiences. orz

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