Sunday 21 March 2010

Basic Algebraic Skills ver 4.0

Due to unstabiltty of putting pdf onto my ftp site, I decided to put it on google and share to everyone this time.

Click here to asscess the note

Newly added:
Ch 6.4 Multivariate function
Ch 6.5 (Extremely basic) fucntional equation
Ch 6.6 Partial fraction
Ch 7.1 Nature of sequence
Ch 7.2 Recurrence sequence
Ch 7.3 Characteristic equation
Ch 7.4 Finite difference

I think most of the updated content is somehow important... We're going to finish the whole set of notes already. At least 80% is finished.
My expectations:
1)Equations (II)
2)convergence and expansion of series
3)Skills @_@
4)Integrated application and more problems

First version sent to public. orz

Maths team

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