Friday 18 February 2011

Physics DSE Electives

I'm here to say that I'll make all 4 topics of the Physics elective part.
Originally our school have chosen "medical physics" and "applications", but I'll try to study the two electives "atomic physics" and "astronomy" as in exam.
Atomic physics which include atomic model (Rutherford's, Ch.1), photoelectric effect (Ch.2), Bohr's atom model (Ch.3), Partical-wave duality (Ch.4) and nanotechnology (Ch.5), gives an pretty good introduction to the modern physics. Despite the harshness of the contents (as it even exceed A-Level), these topic is more interesting to be studied.
Astronomy physics include the GPE, the universe, laws of star motion, phase of a star, doppler effect (ya doppler, but it's just funny that they don't even talk about the application on theoratical waves) and the existance of dark matter.
These two electives are quite hard and somehow like a bridging course between secondary education and the tertiary one. No past papers can be found while the university level is far too hard (as those statistical physics were introduced), I'm now choosing some reference book for my notes.
I hope I can finish them before the end of this yearly exam.
(Update 2014)
I found the page being so popular in the search here's the short-cut for my physics notes

Click here

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