Sunday 12 December 2010

12.12.10 (Workload Report)

This is a summary for my projects:
-Winter season notes:
The topic of "Efficiency and Equity" is finished. I found this part is closely referred to the ALcourse:
"Price controls" (this may partly refer to basic D&S)
"Divergence between private and social costs" (or simply called Externalities)
"Property right systems and public goods" (though the part of public goods and "common property rights and rent dissipating" is not well dicussed)
"Pareto Efficiency or Optimality" (It's simplified quite a lot, only the corrective tax or subsidy is discussed)
Coase's analysis is somehow extra for the DSE content, but it's actually the explaintion of the effect of well-defined PPR on pushing the market to solve externalities.
The remaining topic this season is Macroeconomics "National income statistics and inflation". Properly it don't need a long list of notes, but more examples must me included imo...

The topic "Wave" is unfinished. I hope it can be finished without a large amount of diagrams.
Gas Law: This is a subject of using many different formulas (including conservation of energy), not hard except the explaination about kinetic theory.
Gravitation: similar to gas law.

There are three topics this season:
Probably my weakest topic among the three topics, and I hope I can finish it with some extra comments (since "electrolysis" only lengths 1 pages, which probably not enough)
It's not very hard, except the reaction concerning H2SO4, HNO3 and SO2, since they are from ALmatters (and is from "Halides" which under inorganic chemistry, not electrochemistry)
Microscopic world II:
It concerns the shape of molecule and bond polarity. Without the light of orbital model and hybridization theory, the shape of molecule become boring to recite. At the same time, the term "bond" as "sharing electron pair" (a quantitative determination) can't be explained in terms of  overlapping of electron clouds (sp3 orbital VS s orbital forms sigma bond, and two p orbital forms pi bond) which is a quantum explaination.
However dipole moment in terms of distortion of electron cloud (quantum scope) is introduced, which makes the divergence between question concerning them. (Physical properties in terms of intermolecular forces is so cheap which the makring scheme probably refers to AL).
Introduction to Organic Chemistry:
This topic concerns "fossil fuels", "basic nomenclature" and "basic reaction mechanism".
This refers to CE level where only alkane, alkene, alcohol, carboxylic acid is introduced. The skeletal formula is introdued in the book but it's not taught in the class, but I'll still introduce them in the note. Condensed and skeletal formula will appear most frequently.

If I have time I'll make a comment concerning limit and differentiation.

Will be finished only if I have extra time orz

SIMC review:
nearly finished.

CG creation:
Some unpublished artwork, and also I'll try vocaloid 2 (lily) later...

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