Monday 20 December 2010

Notes on chem notes

I would like to follow the following sequences for my chemistry notes:
1) Nomenclature and properties
2) Reaction
3) Mechanism
4) Reigonochemistry
5) Applications
This follows the sequences of AL-chem topics, but I think the mechanism is greatly simplified since the concept of electrophile and nucleaophile is out syb.
For example unit 25-27 will be arranged like this
1) Homologus series
2) Nomenclature of alkane, alkene, alcohol carboxylic acid
3) Reaction of alkane
4) Reaction of alkene
5) Application : Fossil fuels
Also I want to include some extra reactions that would be useful:
e.g. the reaction that changes alkene to diols:
RCH=CHR + [O] + H2O -> R(CH(OH))2R + other product
Other than KMnO4/H+, OsO4 is also an alternative choice.

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