Sunday 6 March 2011


The core idea of atomic world electives has been finished. I tried to put a bit extra material about uncertainty and tunneling to make the concept on quantum physics clearer.
Since I'm avoiding the statistical mechanics approach and those advanced maths (partial deviation and multiple integration), I don't think I can put anymore extra stuff in the notes.
The last topic on atomic world is about nano technology. The content includes
- Effect different from classical view due to nano-sized material, such as Lotus effect
- Reasons that contributes to those nano-sized effect
- Magifying technology like STM and their principle
- Other application
- Hazards behind like high pentrating power
Among them, the principle is STM is very hard as tunneling is the principle of quantum theory. When the probe releases electrons to detect the tunneling current, inversely exponentially related to the distance between object and the probe. However considering the distance between the electrons (wave) and the object is about the level of 10^-10~10^-15m, there hardly exist a barrier, or an atom as a barrier. Without the existance of barrier, simply no tunneling exist...

Anyway the principle of STM is not required in the syb. so I'm considering to skip it.

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