Monday 26 April 2010


Still stucking in the BAS.
Recent progress:
Comparing with version 4.0, the following sections have been added
7.5 Convergence of a sequence
8.1 System of equation (just for relaxing)
8.2 Roots of unity
8.3 Basic cubic equation
8.4 Discriminants and nature of roots
8.5 Quartic equation
8.6 Special equations about polynomial
Planned to do / WIP:
8.7. Application: interger function, summation and Riemann's hypothesis
9.1.Basic inequality
9.2 Inequality about functions
9.3 Absolute value function
9.4 Geometric inequality
9.5 Famous inequalities
9.6 More about inequalities
9.7. Bounding of sequences
Probably there'll be lots of A-level question involved in Chapter 9 and I may need even more time to deal with them.
About Ch. 10 <- I don't have any idea... I believe the 9 topic should have been cover most of the questions appearing in local MO level. I managed not to discuss the matrix since that can be a hard topic and not yet been useful in MO up to now. A updated version is expected to be put on google doc after Ch.8 is finished or the whole set of notes is finished,
If required, a basic concept of set and group can be introduced as well, but we better refer to Koopa's NT notes~

We expect that the final length of the notes will be about 100 pages, giving a basic concept and train the analyzing skills in mathematics...

Maths Team

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