Tuesday 20 April 2010

A rough list on the notes this term

Physics: (taught: Ch. 5-13; exam: Ch. 6-12)
-Kinetic Thy (Ch.5) (maybe)
-Kinematics (Ch. 6-9,11)
-Momentum (Ch.10)
-Circular motion (Ch.12)
-Gravitation (Ch.13) (maybe)

Chemistry: (taught: Ch. 10-17, exam: Ch. 10-16)
-Reactivity of metals and moles (Ch.10-11)
-Corrosion of metlas (Ch.12)
-Acid and bases (Ch.13-17)
Not confirmed: Redox reaction

Economics: (taught  Ch. 3-6,11-14, exam: Ch. 3-7, 11-14)
-Demand and supply (Ch. 3-6)
-Firms and production (Ch. 11-14)

-Trigonometry (Ch. 6,7)
-M.I., bionomial thm, limit (M2)
Will not do this if I'm busy

Tell me if there's mistake for the above list =)

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